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Save energy, Save money, Fight climate change. 

Save energy, Save money, Fight climate change. 

90% of our lives are spent indoors, in our homes or workplaces. Probably you are in a house right now,behind an office computer or catching up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. There is no place where we spend so much time in our lives. Why shouldn’t all our lives be lived in perfect places? Places we can learn, develop, grow, work, celebrate and prosper.

Most buildings in the world consume much more energy than necessary. Buildings account for 41% energy consumption globally and produce 1/3 of green house gas emissions. A building can only be defined as “green”  if it consumes less energy and generates fewer green house gas emissions than average. 

A green energy efficient building isn’t just good for the environment. It reduces financial risk from rising energy costs thus saving money.

How can you be sure that a building is energy efficient? At home, you now have more choices than ever for becoming energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Home energy use can be cut down using these basic practices  :

  • Unplug  your cell phone chargers, stereos and toaster ovens . Keeping things plugged in, even when they are switched off sips a constant stream of energy from your power outlets. 
  • Buy energy star appliances. These are certified and labeled so that you know you are getting an energy saving machine. 
  • Turn off your lights! You just don’t need to have them on that much – especially during the day if your home gets decent daylight. 

        If you are building or renovating your house, you can make it energy efficient by installing a renewable electricity generation system such as solar panels – the sun being the most reliable, renewable and clean energy source we have.